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Ukulele equipment

Make sure you have the right equipment to help you on your ukulele journey. Strings to tuners, capos to music cases; browse through our lists and links to help you build your collection.

Capo video


One of the most important pieces of ukulele equipment. It has never been easier to tune your ukulele with these excellent clip on tuners.


Make sure you have the right strings for you and your ukulele. New strings can really make a difference to the sound and tone of your ukulele. Don't let them snap in a performance...


Make sure you protect your ukulele withe the right bag. There are lots of options out there for you to choose from.


A useful piece of kit that helps to open up different opportunities for your ukulele development. Watch our Capo Video to show you how they can be used.


Felt, plastic, even leather, plectrums can be used for strumming or picking your ukulele.


When you perform you want to make sure you can be heard. These cables will help you to amplify your sound in any location.


It's easy to forget that your clip on tuner and your built in tuner will need batteries. Any electro-acoustic will need them too. Make sure you don't run out...

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