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Dive into the site to find the latest video tutorials, ukulele reviews and links to find your next ukulele - you can NEVER have enough! (we are just updating this area...keep a close watch for it coming SOON!)

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Hawkulele is here to give you fantastic and easy access to the best of the ukulele world.  From tutorials to reviews, from a simple recording guide to links to great ukulele groups, it's here for you.


The ukulele is such a great instrument. It's fun to play, easy to learn, but more importantly, it is a social instrument. Ukulele groups are so popular because they bring great joy to people who want to PLAY TOGETHER. 

We hope you can use the resources on here to develop, not only your individual ukulele skills, but your ukulele group too. If you don't belong to a ukulele group, have a look at our growing directory of groups to see if there are any in your area.

If you are a member of a ukulele group, and want to send in your contact details, please look at the email address in the contacts information below.

Featured ukulele group

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The Grand Old Uke of York had their first gig on 2012. They have played at Leeds Arena for the opening ceremony for the Tour de France, and are a mainstay at many of the country's festivals - from Carfest (North & South), to Feastival, Underneath the Stars to Pocklington's Platform Festival.

They have sold out the Great Yorkshire Fringe 4 years in a row and have 5 star reviews from numerous publications.

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Stephen Hawksworth

Stephen Hawksworth is a teacher who has developed song arrangements for a number of different ukulele and music groups. He plays with the Grand Old Uke of York as well as Hawkylele.

He started playing guitar as a teenager, then "progressed" to ukulele in his thirties when his brother, Philip, gave him a Stagg soprano ukulele. After a few months of bemusement, Stephen started to enjoy strumming his new instrument so much that he bought another one, then another one, and so on....(sound familiar!?) 

Stephen now has a small collection of different ukuleles, usually playing the baritone ukulele with the Grand Old Uke of York.

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